To get the most bang for your proverbial buck, an RPG is the way to go. While a standard game will last for about 20 hours and give you an enjoyable experience, RPGs have enough collectibles and side content to easily knock that up to the 80s for a full playthrough. If you’re someone who enjoys going for 100% completion, they can provide even more hours of entertainment.

Some people will criticize the genre as just stuffing in artificial length with collecting pigeons being a bit monotonous, but even without the collectibles RPGs are incredible games. Some of the best stories in gaming come from games in the Final Fantasy series or the Persona line. The extra time gives developers more opportunity to develop characters and plot, giving a deeper story, with the player usually being slap bang in the middle of all proceedings.

Mobile has some excellent RPGs of all types from turn-based to action, with the Apple Arcade sporting more than a few. To get started on your epic adventures, here are a few of the best to jump into.