Sports is, for better or worse, a huge part of everyone's daily life, whether they want it to be or not. Be that football, basketball, tennis, golf, or whatever appeals to you. It is all over the news at any given point and the most common area of discussion at most workplaces on a Monday morning.

Sports are huge, so of course, there is a giant collection of video games celebrating them all. You may not be able to run fast or be able to hit a home run in real life but virtually you can become a sports star in whichever discipline you choose. It is an art form that has crept more and more into the social norm.

Not everyone will have played a Legend of Zelda or can name all the characters from Final Fantasy, but a few games of Fifa on a Friday night is the choice for a lot of people now, and all the advancements in technology over mobile sports games have taken huge leaps forward. There are plenty of sports games available on mobile now, and here are 5 of the best that Apple offers via the Apple Arcade.