Let’s face it, the odds of any of the regular folk walking down the sidewalk suddenly getting pulled out of their everyday life and being placed at the head of a sprawling army is pretty slim. As too are the odds any of us will be chosen to set the course for an epic foray into space.

It's a sad reality, but, luckily, video games come to the rescue and allow anyone the opportunity to feel what it would be like to set up a battle plan for an immense offensive against a stronger power. When your pincer attack to perfection, you feel like you could go back in time and give Sun Tzu a run for his money.

From real-time war games all the way to wave-based tower defence, there is a strategy game to suit all skill levels. They are certainly one of the more accessible genres too, you don’t need hyper-fast reaction speeds for a lot of them. For iPhone users, here are a few of the best titles on Apple Arcade to make you feel like a tactical genius.