The western genre is experiencing a resurgence in gaming, which has also extended to mobile. Thanks to Jimjum Studios, it's coming forth in the form of Westurn: Turn-Based Showdowns. As the title implies, the game revolves around one-on-one duels against both NPC and player characters. With only three actions to choose from, you need to wisely make your move against your opponent to ensure victory. You'll hunt down various outlaws who behave differently and you'll need to alternate between aggressive and defensive tactics to make the west a safer place by becoming the top gunslinger.

Why Turn to Westurn?

As many western stories will show, the old west was a lawless place where everyone struggled to survive and the ruthless prayed on the weak. Westurn can definitely be ruthless and only you can bring order to it. This western world places you into the boots of the newest sheriff to take up the badge. As the only form of law enforcement around, you're tasked with hunting down every wanted individual. Still, you and your opponents will keep true to your honour, adhering to a fair duel. It's not just about being the fastest gun in the west, but also about being the smartest.

Westurn has a fun take on grit

Western games can be quite brutal, which is why it's refreshing to encounter those that aren't. Westurn has a very colourful take on the idea of duels and uses a first-person perspective. During battles, your opponent is at the centre with their resources and tactics clearly defined. This gives you sufficient information to plan your strategy going forward as the duel progresses. Despite the serious nature of it all, the outlaws have a range of appearances that are all comical in some way to provide levity.

The whole game has a sort of cartoon feel which makes it easy to jump right in. It also makes the UI easy to navigate and all the features are clearly defined. While there may be some ads contained within the game, they aren't as intrusive as they could be with most of them being available at your discretion for some nice bonuses.

This whimsical Westurn is tough too

It's easy to consider Rock-Paper-Scissors as a game of chance, but there's a surprising amount of skill that goes into it. That's the same premise that Westurn uses even with its NPC opponents. Though there is a certain amount of luck and randomness that comes from their actions, there are enough options to adapt during the duel. The highlighted tactics add to this, but what also alters the challenge is that the types of outlaws you hunt will make use of special skills. You need to adapt as you fight so that you can bait your opponent and create opportunities.

What helps balance things out is the number of powers that you get. There are three types that all support a variety of strategies. Since you can only take one into duels with you, this adds to their value. Based on the outlaws' abilities, some of the powers will be more suited than others. You also get three charges to use throughout the stages with an opportunity to recharge them before bosses and a chance to earn extras in one of the many loot drops you'll collect.

Westurn into snappy duels

Westurn is a stylized turn-based adventure featuring one-on-one fights against computer-controlled and player outlaws. It captures the seriousness of duels with a comical artsy spin to relieve some of the tension. By balancing luck and strategy, it does a good job of emulating what a duel may actually feel like akin to Rock-Paper-Scissors or even Poker. Westerns are gritty and intense, but Westurn shows how they can be fast and fun as well.