Mobile is home to plenty of fantastic games that make excellent use of touchscreen controls. Angry Birds is the prime example. Its slingshot gameplay is complete at home on a touch screen since pulling back on the screen before flinging your chosen bird into a tower of pigs feels infinitely more involved than it would on PC or console.

However, there are times when touch controls aren't up to the task, or they perform admirably but still take something away from the experience. That can be one of several things. For instance, if you're playing a fast-paced game, touch controls don't feel as responsive, which can be the difference between winning and losing in the competitive realm.

Sometimes the issue is more logistical. If you're playing a beautiful-looking game, but your fingers are covering most of the screen, tapping virtual buttons, you don't get to admire the graphics, which is a great shame. Similarly, the UI can take up a lot of screen real estate, leaving ugly buttons hiding away most of the game.

Another consideration is familiarity. A lot of us grew up playing console games, so having a controller in our hands feels more natural. A simple button press just feels right compared to tapping against a glass screen with no give.

But not all mobile games have controller support, so where do you start? Right here! We've created a list of great mobile games you can enjoy with a controller. Hit the big blue button below to see our recommendations.

Ports of an older PC game running flawlessly on a device that fits in your pocket always remind me how quickly technology can advance. It's also a great excuse to replay an old classic or, alternatively, try it for the first time.