As fun as it most certainly is to delve deep into some dungeons and swashbuckle with the best of them, sometimes what you really need is to kick back and relax with a nice puzzle. Crosswords and sudoku are beloved classics for good reason, but a great puzzle game can offer a tantalizing challenge for hours.

They can come in many different formats; digital updates of the old favorites, sound-based puzzles, match-3, and hidden objects. The possibilities are endless. There is something for everyone, and according to multiple studies, they offer positive benefits to players' intelligence. It is certainly important to keep your brain active.

It can be troublesome carrying old books of puzzles around, and thanks to the plethora of choices that Apple Arcade offers, it is not necessary. There are dozens of choices, and we have trawled through the offerings to pick out five of the best to get your cogs whirring and keep your brain in the best shape.