Gamers of a certain age will have a nostalgic fondness for couch co-op. Heading around a friend's house after school or university to sit back and play some games was always a good time, even if you became needlessly competitive playing something one-on-one.

Nowadays, it's much less common than it used to be. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can enjoy playing most games with our friends and family online. It certainly has its benefits - the main one being you don't need to split your screen in half to play together.

However, there's still something to be said about playing a game together in the same room. It's a different, slightly more social vibe since you don't have to worry about the slight delay you sometimes get when playing online or those times when your mic randomly cuts out for seemingly no reason.

So, if you're looking to get nostalgic with some local co-op games, you’ll be pleased to know Xbox Game Pass has quite a few great choices. Check out our list by hitting the big blue button below.