Back in the 90s, platform games captured the imagination of gamers of all ages thanks to how simple and accessible they were. It is the same reason they developed with the times and remained fairly popular, it is quite easy to add smatterings of other genres into a platforming game.

The Mario series was one that embraced the purity of a platform game and catapulted the genre to fame. Crash Bandicoot came out and made a name for Naughty Dog, and Spyro pioneered the more free-roaming platformer. Then Ratchet and Clank came along and continued evolving platformers, by loading them with cool gadgets and weapons.

This is the same trait that makes them such a good genre for mobile gaming, as they don’t demand a high-performance device to run seamlessly. They can be made with simple graphics without the need to include a lot of details and still bring the same amount of joy the console versions do. The Apple Arcade packs many platforming gems, and here are but a few to enjoy.