Adventure games are some of the purest experiences you can find. The story is a set piece that trundles along at its own pace without much opportunity to deviate, and there isn’t that much exploration to be had, allowing players to sit back and enjoy the experience as the developers intended. They are much like a movie in that regard, but a lot more interactive.

That is not to say that they are boring. You can certainly get as much fun out of an adventure game as say an RPG, perhaps even more so. The pitfalls of an RPG are that you get out into the world, and immediately go off exploring. Link would have gone off, saved Hyrule, and been back at the Kokori Forest before Cloud had finished playing around at the Gold Saucer.

You get the purest essence of video games out of the adventure genre; you strike out on the quest, have a lot of fun with the gameplay, and experience a fantastic story along the way. Rinse and repeat. They are incredibly good fun and Apple Arcade offers quite a few to play with, and here are just five of the best.