Netflix is steadily adding more and more games to its roster to give mobile gamers a truly ad-free experience with no in-app purchases. Right now, all you need is a Netflix subscription to get your hands on these games - and yes, these are really good ones. If you're fortunate enough to be on the streaming service's subscriber list, you can have a look at these top five titles and see which one strikes your fancy!


This colourful vertical climber tasks you with bouncing up eternally while a big blue monster chases you from below. While the premise might initially sound like it's panic-inducing, what it actually offers is a compelling experience that challenges you to bounce off walls and enemies in strategic angles to gain fruits you can feed the beast beneath (under a time limit!).

The game also features special perks you can unlock to make each new run more exciting. The one-handed controls of the portrait-mode game also make it accessible, and nicely complement the vibrant visuals of the game.

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