The insanely popular hashtag #NetflixAndChill may have taken on a mind of its own, but the streaming service isn't just about shows on demand. Netflix actually has more than enough content to keep movie buffs and documentary aficionados happily satisfied - and that includes audiences who like to dabble in gaming on the go.

If that sounds like something you'd scoff at, we invite you to open up your app and take a good look at what's in store for you. With Netflix Games, you can not only get your fill of high-quality mobile games from their curated list (that just keeps on growing!), but you can also do so without any pesky ads interrupting your intense gameplay sessions or any predatory in-app purchases ruining your good time.

How to play games on Netflix

The very first thing you need to do is to sign up for a Netflix account. Being a subscriber to the streaming service automatically gives you access to the growing lineup of premium mobile games on offer, whether you're itching for a challenging platformer or looking to go on an epic narrative adventure.

The curated list of games on Netflix boasts memorable experiences that are completely free provided you have a subscription, and given that you'll also get access to all the shows and films in its vault, you're getting more bang for your buck than ever.

Once you've got an account and you've downloaded the Netflix app, make sure you've got enough storage space on your device (whether you're an Android user or an iOS fan) to accommodate the games you've got your eye on.

How to play Netflix Games on Android

In your Netflix app, simply head to the home screen and spot the Mobile Games row. There's also a Games tab at the bottom for easy access. Then, take your pick from among the titles on the list of games available.

Made your decision? Good. Tap on the game and hit "Get Game". This should effectively open the Google Play Store for you. Then, it's all a matter of installing the game on your device - easy peasy.

You can also search for a particular game from the Google Play Store directly. Install the game like you normally would and, if prompted, sign in using the credentials of your Netflix account.

How to play Netflix Games on iOS

Similarly, open your Netflix app on your iOS device and swipe down to look for the Mobile Games row. When you've made your decision, tap on the game and then on Get Game. This should open the App Store for you, where you can tap on Get or the Cloud icon to install the game on your device. You can search for the title directly from the iOS App Store too - just download the game and log in with your Netflix account to play when prompted.

This convenient access to all these ad-free games is truly a game-changer, and you can discover more about the titles available on the Netflix site. You can also have a look at our list of the Top 5 games available on Netflix Games right now to get started!