Puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes. Some might entirely focus on solving the puzzles that lay before you, while others may weave surprisingly compelling stories into the game alongside them. Regardless, it's a genre that can provide as much jubilation as it does frustration, which is why we love playing them so much.

The human brain loves finding solutions, so whenever we finally crack a puzzle and enjoy that coveted 'a-ha!' moment, it provides a genuine rush that makes us feel like the smartest person alive, even if it's only for a brief second. On the flip side, getting stuck on a puzzle for too long can cause frustration and, sometimes, reaching for Google to find the answer and move on.

It's not a bad thing, though. When you're playing a fantastic puzzler, these moments of frustration are quickly forgotten once you've finally figured out the solution and elation swiftly takes its place. Today, we're going to share a list of the best puzzle games you can enjoy through Xbox Game Pass. Hit the big blue button below to see what we've included.