Racing games have been one of the most important subgenres in the sports category of gaming since long before we could carry games around with us. Long before we had consoles, back when gaming was PC or coin-op arcade cabinets, we had racing games. No genre has changed more over the years, and no single group of games can show exactly how far graphics and visuals have improved over the last few decades. This is a list collecting together the best racing games that you can play on your mobile phone right now using Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is easily one of the quickest and easiest ways to play really high-quality games on your phone or tablet, and the fact that it is operated by Microsoft - the creators of the Xbox - means that they’ve made sure to include more than a few of their own, first-party, racing games in the mix. But, in addition to that, the Xbox Game Pass offering includes a whole bunch of games from EA - through EA Play - which adds a whole bunch of other sports and racing games into the offerings.

If you’re new to Xbox Game Pass or looking to get started, then head over to our guide for it in order to find out everything you need to get started. Otherwise, if you’re all set up and ready to get started, then click on through the list below to find our list of the best racing games on Xbox Game Pass.