Updated May 17th.

There are tons of games on the AppStore, with more added each week - so it can be hard to keep up with the best games that you should be taking a look at! To help aid you in your mission to play more games, we have dedicated ourselves to keeping a list of the top, up to date, paid games out on the AppStore.

This article will always include the top 10 paid games on the AppStore this week, so if that’s what you are looking for, you have found it! These games will have a price point at entry, but they will be the games everyone else has felt were good to dish out a bit of cash to play. We are specifically targeting the UK AppStore with our list, despite me being an American, because that’s where I live so it’s where I am currently gaming.

As you might have guessed, the top games do move round quite a bit, so we will be updating this list regularly so that you can keep track of what games you should be playing. We will also be mentioning any major changes that we find every time we update the list, which will give you a better view of the games that have stuck around but have updated and changed along the way.

Let’s get into the list.

Original article by Jupiter Hadley. Now updated by Pocket Gamer Staff