Games can test us in many ways. For example, shooters test our reflexes, while platformers often uncover how good our timing is. Strategy games, meanwhile, target our intelligence, ask us if we have the tactical nous required to achieve victory, and sometimes, the ability to multitask. And they come in many different forms.

They can range from more straightforward tower defence games all the way to 4x and grand strategy games. It’s a fairly broad genre, then, and it might surprise you to learn some of the games filed under strategy.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself put off by the complexity of some strategy games, do not fear. In this list, we have included a variety of titles that will appeal to beginners and veterans of the genre alike. And who knows? Once you’ve tackled a more simplistic strategy game, you might find yourself hankering for something more in-depth. Hit the big blue button below to check out our picks for the top 5 strategy games on Xbox Game Pass.