Super Planet's Sword Master Story follows the tale of Cain, a Sword Master who was betrayed by the Empire. Throughout your journey to get to the bottom of things, you discover not only the truth, but also a quirky cast of waifus and goddesses who happily lend you a helping hand along the way. It’s a tough road to take - one that involves fighting off giant ogres and saving innocent civilians from goblins in the woods - but luckily, you can summon 40 characters to give you a boost.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that every single character either looks cute or seductive, making you wish you had more slots in your party so you can take them all with you.

Now, it may seem like I’m poking fun at the girls who seduce you but tell you you “can’t touch here”, but to be honest, I absolutely adored this game. Characters you can summon have different rarities based on a typical gacha star rating for summons, with four classes and five attributes to choose from. Plenty of the pulls you get actually have the same skills and stats so they’re basically just skins, but they’re still visually appealing enough for you to want to collect them.

I had a few lucky summons myself, nabbing really powerful 5-star characters that I immediately placed in my party. Because of the generous rewards after every stage in the “Adventure” mode (which is where the story unfolds), you can easily spam items that give your characters experience points for leveling up, gems that boost their skills, and gold to “Reinforce” your characters’ stats. If the rewards from the Adventure mode aren’t enough (and they won’t be), you can participate in the Battle dungeons for said experience potions, gold, chests, and awakening gems. Characters have caps, but pulling a duplicate from the summons can help you Transcend to unlock that cap.

You can also refine and upgrade all kinds of weapons and armors, with equipment sets that have bonus effects when worn. Oddly enough, all of the weapons are swords (hence the title, I suppose), so equipping your long-range mage or archer with a sword doesn’t suddenly make them a short-range attacker.

The best part of it all is that Sword Master Story is an idle game, which means that you can pretty much leave it on Auto for hours on end and just reap the rewards after you run out of stamina (or battery life).

This is the single, most awesome feature of this game in my opinion. I mean, I know it’s nothing original, as almost all mobile gacha games have this auto-fight feature. But I never really knew I needed this idle game in my life right now until I started playing it, and now I am absolutely hooked.

Ironically, for something with the word “Story” in its title, the game doesn’t really have a too-out-there plot. It’s the classic tale of the Chosen One who was wronged and must now journey to save the world and stuff, but I do like how it somehow reinvents Greek mythology this way (especially since I’m also playing Hades on Steam right now, so Sword Master Story is a very refreshing change of pace). Sure, all of the goddesses are certified waifus, but I’m not complaining. They’re cute, bubbly, and absolutely kawaii.

I also really like how the game’s combat is so darn fast that you almost have no idea what the heck is happening in a single screen, which is very Marvel vs. Capcom. When you’re in auto mode and with fast-forward speed, the beautiful animations of explosions and fire blasts and meteors falling from the sky and arrow showers and dark vampires turning into dragons will definitely distract from the fact that you have no idea what’s going on. It’s brainless, but just the right kind of brainless. All the shiny things make me feel like I’m the strongest hero in the world, and that’s pretty cool, so I’ll gladly take it, thanks.

Overall, aside from the occasional wrong grammar and the awkward English here and there, there’s not really much to complain about in my opinion except that the girl character costume is a paid feature. I don’t really connect with Cain as my main protagonist, so it would have been nice if I could choose my main character’s gender from the get-go.

But really, who am I kidding? I’ll probably keep playing this forever anyway, Cain or no Cain.

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