There's nothing worse than your game timing out while you're pinning down by enemy fire, or losing connection mid-combo because your signal coverage just isn't that good. Well, as you're probably more than aware, humble 4G has been knocked off its pedestal as the strongest connection available for cellular devices, 5G is here, and it's the best way to ensure you've got a great connection when you're gaming online.

It's not just better coverage, of course, the download and upload speeds are better too. That said, there's certainly not a demand for a list of the biggest downloads, so here we are talking about the games that let you take full advantage of that great connection you've now got.

5G is fast and great for gaming, so if your phone is able to connect you to 5G, here are the best games that you should be playing with that connection!

Original article by Jupiter Hadley. Now updated by Pocket Gamer staff.